Author Guidelines

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Thank you for your contribution to the Australian Journal of Pharmacy Students.

We are the only peer-reviewed pharmacy student journal in the world, providing Australian pharmacy students with the opportunity to develop research skills and publish their work. The Journal accepts submissions in the form of original research articles, academic review articles and case reports. 

About the Journal:

The Australian Journal of Pharmacy Students (AJPS) aims to: 

  1. Improve and strengthen the quality of student-led research in Australia
  2. Provide students with opportunities to publish research in a peer-reviewed research journal
  3. Provide opportunities to fill the gap for students and very early career pharmacists to gain skills and experience in academic publishing
  4. Promote the importance of student-led research  
  5. Encourage and promote evidence based practice and a research culture
  6. Develop skills of critical analysis under the supervision of an academic mentor  

Targeting research skills in students will consequently address written communication abilities, and critical analysis and problem-solving skills within a team environment. These skills can be applied in all areas of the pharmacy workforce, regardless of field. 

AJPS is available to all NAPSA members with a passion for research in pharmacy.

We only accept articles from students currently studying pharmacy, or have completed studies in that year or are currently undertaking an internship. We accept research in which an academic has supported a student, however a student must have led the research and been the main author. 

AJPS’s target audience is pharmacy students. Many students have to do research as part of their degree, and this is an opportunity for them to see other student’s work and potentially for AJPS to run educational sessions on conducting research to assist students. Working as a peer reviewer will also enhance their understanding of research and will assist students when it comes to their turn to undertake a project.

General Information:

Type of Submissions

  • Original Research Article 
  • Academic Review Article  
  • Case Report 

Criteria for Submissions

  • Submission is of interest to pharmacy students
  • Authors are de-identified and removed from manuscript upon submission
  • Ethics Criteria are met if the research involves human participants
  • When submitting a case report written consent must be obtained from patients and a patient consent statement must be included
  • When submitting an original research article the author(s) must obtain written approval from the research supervisor(s)
  • APSJ Reporting Guidelines and Manuscript Guidelines are followed
  • The mandatory Format and Style requirements are followed
  • The submission checklist is completed


The AJPS will not consider submissions that have simultaneously been submitted to other journals, or have been published elsewhere. The Journal will consider submissions that have been rejected by other journals. Acceptance of your submission and publication in the AJPS will likely preclude the same piece of work from being published in other peer reviewed journals.


The AJPS is indexed on Google Scholar. Access to the full list of indexed articles and reports will be available soon.

Peer Review

The AJPS uses a double-blind peer review process. For further information on the peer review process please email

Criteria for Submission:

Ethics Criteria

Original research involving human participants must have full ethics approval and the following details:

  • The name of the ethics committee that approved the study and its protocols
  • The date of this approval
  • The certification/verification approval number for the study

If the research has not required ethics approval, you will need to provide the reason for this.

Research submissions that do not comply with the ethics criteria will not be accepted for publication in the Journal.


The AJPS strongly advises all contributing authors to provide an ORCID ID at the time of submission to the Journal. You can register for a free ORCID ID here.

AJPS Manuscript Guidelines

When preparing the manuscript, the AJPS requests that authors follow the recommendations for Manuscript Preparation and Submission outlined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. 

Format and Style

General Format

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word and use Times New Roman 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing
  • Numbers less than 10 should be spelt out as words (three), except when using numbers for age (7 years old), lists with numbers in them (1 apple, 3 bananas, 4 pears), or measurements with units (5 kg)
  • SI or SI-derived units should be used when giving units of measurement
  • Figures, graphs, legends and tables need to be included with the manuscript
  • Images are to be submitted separately as supporting files
  • Conflicts of interest and financial disclosures need to be included at the end of the in a separate form and submitted at time of manuscript submission
  • Manuscripts should be comply with the AJPS Manuscript Guidelines and follow the relevant format and style guidelines below

General Style

  • The House Style as outlined in the British Medical Journal should be used

Research Articles

  • Original research
  • Abstract needs to be structured under the headings: Background, Aim, Method, Results, Conclusion 
  • Abstract limit: 250 words
  • Text needs to be structured under the headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion
  • Text limit: 3000 words
  • Reference limit: 25
  • Tables and figures limit: 4

Review Articles

  • Systematic reviews are preferred
  • Abstract needs to be structured under the headings: Background, Aim, Data Sources, Study Selection, Conclusion 
  • Abstract limit: 250 words
  • Text limit: 3000 words
  • Reference limit: 50
  • Tables and figures limit: 8

Case Reports

  • Abstract needs to be structured under the headings: Background, Aim, Clinical details, Outcomes, Conclusion 
  • Abstract limit: 250 words
  • Text limit: 1500 words
  • Text needs to be structured under the headings: Introduction, Case Report (this needs to include a patient consent statement), Discussion
  • Reference limit: 15
  • Tables and figures limit: 2

Qualitative Research 

  • Original qualitative research
  • Abstract limit: 250 words
  • Text needs to be structured under the headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion
  • Text limit: no word limit
  • Reference limit: 25
  • Tables and figures limit: 8

Tables, Figures and Graphs

  • Ensure that tables, figures and graphs complement information in the text, and do not duplicate this information
  • These should be submitted as editable files and not pasted into the submission as images
  • All abbreviations included must be defined as a footnote, with symbols used in the following order: †, ‡, §, ¶
  • P-values are to be denoted by *, **, ***
  • Legends for tables, figures or graphs must be both concise and adequate
  • The use of coloured figures or graphs are only to be used when the complexity of the figure or graph requires colour to ensure understanding and interpretation


Cover Sheet

Please complete the APSJ Manuscript Cover Sheet and submit it along with the Manuscript and supporting files.

If the Manuscript has more than one author, the Cover Sheet is to be completed by the primary author and then signed by all authors.

Manuscript Checklist:

Please ensure that your manuscript compiles with the following before submitting it to AJPS:

  • The abstract and main text comply with the Journal’s format and style requirements as well as word limits
  • The number of tables, figures and graphs included do not exceed the limit outlined
  • There are no headers or footers
  • Headings and subheadings  are used appropriately used to divide sections of the text
  • Separate files are submitted for graphs and figures that are embedded in the text
  • Acknowledgements are included
  • References follow the correct format

Conflicts of Interest

Prior to submission, all authors must declare any potential conflicts of interest by including a Conflicts of Interest statement as part of the manuscript and completing this form. 

Submission Checklist:

  • Cover sheet (Using template provided here)
  • Manuscript (anonymised)
  • Any graphs or figures that are embedded in the Manuscript text
  • Conflicts of Interest form 
  • All full data sets (raw and analysed data) and research instruments (e.g. survey questions, transcripts) must be submitted


How to submit:

  1. You must fill out this form to declare conflict of interests
  2. Ensure it complies with our Criteria for Submission

Acceptance and Publication Process after submitting:

  • Submitted to AJPS
  • Accepted by AJPS editors
  • Sent to review
  • Double-blind review process  (Max 4 weeks)
  • Send back to author if required for revisions
  • Author re-submits to AJPS
  • Sent to review again (second round of review)
  • Back to author 
  • Send it to copy editors for final review
  • Submission published to AJPS


Acknowledgments and Funding

The AJPS acknowledges and would like to thank NAPSA for their ongoing support and contribution towards The Journal.

AJPS Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


For any enquiries related to your submission, please send an email to both: - Editor 2020/21 term - Editor (ongoing)