AJPS Shifter Rebuild Kit W58

Fitting Instructions

  1. Remove gear stick
  2. Drain oil
  3. Remove box from car
  4. Remove 6 x selector housing bolts
  5. Remove shifter housing
  6. Remove the rubber part & 6 x spacers
  7. Knock old bush out
  8. Tip box up & wash out gunk with degreaser
  9. Get frozen bush from the freezer (Do not touch it with your hands, as it will warm it up, keep it in the freezer bag)
  10. Fit to selector arm, using a "G" clamp, or a hammer (Not recommended) & block of wood.. (if using the hammer/wood thing you must support the selector)
  11. NOTE:- it is Best to strip the gear box, remove the selector arm, & Press the bush in.....
  12. Once bush is seated, wash it out again with degreaser
  13. Refit the selector housing & then box to car.. fill with oil...
  14. Fit New gear stick bushes from packet
  15. Fit gear stick to box
  16. Go for a drive.


David Lawson
AJPS prop
(08) 83223074