AJPS AE86 Dash Mats

Fitting Instructions

I was told to include fitting instructions, so here they are, happy? You better be!

Dash Mats: Fitting Instructions

  1. Take mat, oh doesn't it feel niceā€¦..
  2. Place on clean dash, or one you prepared earlier
  3. Make sure it is the correct way around
  4. Now get that paint scraper/ ruler/ screw driver you grabbed before
  5. Now once it is sort of lined up, start pushing the mat into the tiny space between love and hate, whoops, I mean between the windscreen and the very end of the dash, keep pushing till you can't push no more!
  6. Get out of the car and look to make sure it is all straight along the edge, at the bottom of the mat there should be no more than 2cm of black plastic under the windscreen, if not refer to step 5.
  7. Now time to shine, I mean align the mat, play around with it until you think it looks ok, smooth it out and push it into the contours.
  8. Then grab the stack of velcros, and put them in the places listed in the artistically sketched diagram (wow original artwork, free!), you don't need that many, but too much of good thing can't be bad?
  9. So start placing down the velcros keeping the mat in fear of them, I mean clear of them.
  10. Once you are happy with that, turn the key to run and turn the demister on, put your hand over the holes in the mat to see if it is aligned properly, if it is, the demister will work 100% (101% on the high flow model) You will feel the heat, like it is in your pocket! Don't drop this just because it is hot!
  11. Now you can tell everyone that you have a crack free dash, once it is on, go for a drive and show the hottest girl you see, and if she isn't impressed she was a bitch anyway. Just be happy with the fact you have just gained 15rwkw, at the front left lower control arm.
  12. Peace out, and enjoy! If it still isn't fitting' then a) cannot read, or b) you are fitting it to a commodore! Any problems give me a call on 0407 716 089

A few notes and tips...