About AJPS

All Japanese Panels and Spares

AJPS established itself in Adelaide, South Australia in 2003 filling a void for 80s Toyota panels and parts.

Fast forward almost seven years and we are still doing exactly what we set out to do. With a larger focus on the suspension and steering side of things we felt this was an area to give the cars the most rewarding upgrade. Now we help people race, drift, rally and restore cars from all makes and models.

We are enthusiasts ourselves so this is a passion, a hobby and a job. We make, design and try to improve the standard of auto parts for the classic cars of tomorrow.

We are innovators and pride ourselves on original designs that complement the original car.

We stock a large range of brands and now extensively use our own brand for the ultimate say in what goes on your car. These parts are created from requests, trial, error, R&D and user reviews from you, the enthusiast.

These parts have proved very popular and allowed us to give back something to the scene by sponsoring several drivers for 2010.

Im currently working on an ae71 tarmac rally car for myself, with a 3sge beams, Ill put some pictures and specs up here when things start taking more shape.

Thanks for the ride so far, the future of Toyotas is looking bright!

David Lawson